5 Jul 2023



In modern spaces, there is a new emphasis on design authenticity. Instead of the cold atmosphere of sleek, minimalist interiors and “cookie-cutter” designs, owners want a warmer, personalised aesthetic. Tessellated flooring is one style that is making a comeback for this very reason. While they are commonly found in Australian heritage homes, tessellated tiles offer unlimited potential for unique bespoke designs suitable for everything from modern buildings to rustic living spaces to charming restaurants, hotels and boutique shops.

Designing with Tessellated Tiles: How to Achieve Bespoke & Unique Flooring Finishes provides an informative guide to tessellated tiles and their use in new builds and renovations. We cover the design basics, including what tessellated tiles are, their potential applications and what to look for when selecting tile materials. We also cover the key considerations when choosing a tessellated tile pattern with a summary of the most common styles as a starting point.

Download this whitepaper to learn how tessellated tiling can help you create a bespoke flooring finish that stands the test of time.

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