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Tiles as a finish are absolutely stunning. With a large selection of colours and textures available, they all have a particular quality that gives them a unique look. Whether you’re applying tiles to your floors or walls, you need to factor in a few things to ensure the right tile solution is chosen. Where is it going to go? And what style are you looking for? The answers to these will inform the type of tile you will apply. Choosing the right colour and surface finish, as well as size will help to make a room feel larger or smaller – lighter or darker.

Tiles are very versatile and can establish the visual energy to an interior or exterior space. Selecting the right tile will define the mood, style and feeling of your home or commercial project. Presented below are pink subway tiles in both a matte and gloss finish. The gloss finish (left) reflects more light and creates a luminous surface when installed en masse. The matte finished tile is more subtle and understated. Each finish has its place and creates its own look and feel.

Glazed Tiles

Glazed tiles can be very colourful and decorative. Glaze is an additional layer of liquid glass that is applied to the surface of the tile and fused to the tile during the firing process. There are several glaze finishes such as gloss, matte, lappato and texture – each finish is unique. An additional benefit glazed tiles have is their high moisture resistance performance – a perfect selection for wet areas.

Unglazed Tiles

Unglazed finished tiles have no coating on them and look more natural and earthy. The colour runs through the tile with a matte finish. Unglazed tiles are often applied to external high traffic areas where there is a requirement for the surface to be durable, hard – wearing and slip & moisture resistant.

Metallic Tiles

Metallic effects on decorative tiles creates a dramatic and bold statement. The colours are often gold, copper, titanium or rose gold. Applying a metallic finish to an interior space can create a feature and focal point to the design. For instance, in a residential kitchen, a metallic splashback can be a stunning addition. In a commercial environment, applying it to areas of high visual exposure will definitely leave a lasting impression on customers.

Craquelle Tiles

Craquelle Victorian tiles are known and also referred to as crackle tiles. This intentional ‘crazing’ effect is caused by thermal expansion, the cracks appearing as the surface glazing cools.
The gloss finish of the tile allows for the effective reflection of light, creating a luminous surface. With the added element of texture in the crackle, any surface finished in craquelle tiles will bring elegance and subtle glamour to your design.

Mosaic Glass Finish

Mosaic glass tiles are a stunning and luxurious finish. Synonymous with Bisazza, the global leader in the manufacture and design of glass mosaics, these tiles are an expression of a unique style that brings a contemporary flair to the classic, by combining elements of fashion and design.

Glass mosaics are a nonporous surface resistant to mould, stains and mildew and can be easily maintained with the right cleaning solutions. Mosaic glass tiles are supplied sheeted making it easier to install.

Honed Finish

Honed finish is a term associated with the processing and finishing of natural stone tiles. A honed finish is even and smooth in texture and is achieved when abrasive pads grind away at the rough stone slabs. A subtle but beautiful finish, honed tiles achieve a soft, subdued aesthetic.

Textured Finish

Textured tiles are decorative tiles that have natural textured finishes. Different textures added to a tile can either be polished, honed, satin, glossy or matte. The particular texture can influence a style, trend or focal point. It is a visual consideration and can be added as a feature wall to your interior design. The type of texture applied to your interior or exterior setting can either have a contemporary look or a traditional style, which is why it is important to really understand the type of texture you are implementing into your design.

Polished Finish

Polished finished tiles have a luxurious look and feel, and are typically in a high gloss finish. Granite and marble tiles are usually polished to really bring out the colours, shadows and veins of the stone. Polished tiles go through a process where they are repeatedly passed under a polish wheel, with finer pads and polishing compounds used to generate that smooth surface. To enhance the performance of this tile finish, a sealant needs to be added to assist with maintenance.

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