16 May 2023



Tessellated Tile Factory: The complete Home Improvement Planner; ‘TTF the best tile solutions’

Tessellated Tile Factory : The Complete Home Improvement Planner

Planning for your home whether it is renovating or decorating there is always a process and project management component to it, from your walls to your floors, sometimes it just gets overwhelming. Working with designers and the construction industry we know what is required at what stage and how to track every process of the way. This also allows you to structure your different stages of costs involved in construction and renovations. For example, when renovating for your bathroom or kitchen specifying a TTF tile solution consists of knowing your product.

For instance, tile patterns and colours have to be considered especially when working with tessellated design patterns, or applying period tile designs (Victorian or federation styles). Knowing your working space area and taking the right measurements to order enough tiles to make installation easier and cost effective is highly important. With TTF home improvement planner you can manage your information and assist you in your designing process. This will also help you identify costly mistakes to avoid when tiling, a checklist if you will. Additionally, our team of specialists can assist you with useful TTF information to assist you on every stage of your renovation or decorating stage.

Tessellated Tile Factory has made it easy for you with our complete Home Improvement Planner you can start planning and track every stage of your design process, this will also allow you to order how much cleaning and maintenance solutions to start taking care of your tiles from day one. From your design plan, contractor/ tiler bid, project to do list and brainstorming we can assist in choosing the right tile solution and track your project, you can manifest your dream design with TTF, the best tile solutions.

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