15 May 2023



Moodboards – A visual guide to style interior and exterior spaces

‘Inspiration is the core that keeps designers invested and driven’

Tessellated Tile Factory (TTF) has created inspirational moodboards to keep you motivated and inspired during the brainstorming stage of your design process. Whether you’re renovating your home or designing a new commercial project, understanding how to incorporate decorative building products is essential, especially when it comes to using tiles. Functionality and performance are highly important along with design aesthetic – knowing what you can achieve is key.

TTF tile collections have been curated to offer a point of difference in your design and to deliver the best tile solutions. The following moodboards are a visual guide that can assist you with colour, texture and style. From modern contemporary designs to classic traditional styles, you will definitely be inspired.

TTF Moodboard 1 ‘ Pink Persuasion’

Mood board 1 is inspired by shades of pink and complementing muted colours. 1. This colour palette creates a fresh modern look and design point. 2. Mood setting has a lot to do with colour and light. A bright, luminous effect is created by the glazed subway tiles in this bathroom. Another point to consider is the level of texture you want to bring into your space, this can become your focal point or feature statement.

3. The porcelain terrazzo tiles applied as flooring here is simply remarkable. The way it has been styled with furnishings and fixtures, it connects perfectly. 4. In a commercial environment function and performance is critical, especially in high traffic areas. Tella Balls used TTF’s porcelain tessellated tiles in pink and black. The colour pallete chosen is a perfect representation of Tella Balls’ brand and identity.

TTF Moodboard 2 ‘Into the blue’

Moodboard 2 has been inspired by varying shades and textures of blue along with Spanish and Italian décor tile designs. Creating a point of difference in your design can be achieved very simply. 1. Mosaic tiles are an amazing tile solution that can deliver a level of design intricacy to your space. TTF’s hexagon porcelain mosaic tiles can be used to create a stunning geometric pattern, suitable for floors and walls. 2. Kit kat mosaics can be just as appealing when added to certain areas like a bar or backdrop wall feature, it can really create a lux modern look.

3. Adding blues to walls can be soothing and relaxing. TTF’s blue craquelle subway tiles have been used here on the walls. 4. There are also various ways to bring colour and texture together across different finishes. TTF created a bespoke tessellated tile pattern for ‘Hotel Indigo’ in Adelaide, which was replicated in the design of the rugs for all hotel rooms.

TTF Moodboard 3 ‘Ways of the Green’

Inspired by nature and the landscaped environment, this moodboard delivers a calm and relaxing pallete of finishes. 1. A variety of greens are proposed in this finishes concept. Green tones run through the selections in fabric, paint colour, stone and tiles. Different textures placed together can create a richly layered design solution.

The use of craquelle and subway tiles as a wall feature can create a real point of difference. 2. Used as a backdrop to the basin, these metallic and turquoise green subway tiles pull together with the fixtures and fittings to create a rustic style bathroom. 3. A similar feature can be achieved using smaller mosaic tiles in hexagon and kit-kat formats. 4. When we design our external spaces, the landscape becomes a critical consideration in the concept. Green tessellated tiles have been used in this terrace house pathway and verandah – connecting seamlessly with the surrounding garden.

TTF Moodboard 4 ‘ A monochrome venture’

Bold yet classic. Black, white and grey combined creates a strong and crisp interior. 1. This grand entry features monochromatic decorative tiles on the step risers. A subtle but impactful detail.

3. Decorative tiles as a floor finish can be a show stopper. Combined with white American style subway tiles on the walls and black detailing to frames and cornices, this bathroom achieves a striking balance in the use of monochromatic tones. 3. The use of kit-kat tiles in black and white and other geometric designs can create a point of difference from the ever popular subway tiles. 4. Complex geometric patterns are truly unique – a TTF specialty.

TTF Moodboard 5 ‘The earthy aesthetic’

TTF tile collections feature natural stone, terrazzo and textured tile solutions to fit diverse interior and exterior designs. 1. Stone is applied to walls and floors in this kitchen and bathroom space. The level of prestige and luxury that these tile solutions present is inspiring.

Earth tones include shades of brown, red, beige, creme and grey – their combination create a calm and grounded interior. 2. A tile solution that incorporates all these earth tones is terrazzo. Chips of earthy coloured natural stone combine to create a dynamic surface finish. 3, 4. Craquelle subway tiles in burgundy and light honey create a rich and bold effect when used with complementing colours, furnishings and fixtures.

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