19 Apr 2023



Welcome to the Tessellated Tile Factory (TTF) builder, tiler & merchant group. We hope to create a trade and merchant community that makes both the construction and retail journey easier to navigate. To achieve this, we are launching our exclusive loyalty card program, designed to save you money and keep you informed and up to date as part of the tile trade community.

TTF has been in the industry for over 20 years connecting with the building, tiling and tile merchant sectors. We know what is required; the best quality product, cost effective prices and maximum performance. As a tile manufacturer and retailer we take pride in producing and selling quality products and delivering these in a timely manner for installation. Our retail partners are always kept up to date with new exclusive tile products and collections, to set themselves apart from their competitors.

What’s installed…….

Loyalty card benefits

  • Are you a merchant? Receive exclusive access to wholesale prices
  • Are you a builder or tiler? Then receive an extra 5% off your next (and consecutive) orders. T&C’s apply *
  • Win prizes!
  • Access to exclusive new product lines
  • Be a part and contribute to the TTF builder, tiler & merchant group!

How to apply

  • Completed a purchase with us? Then fill out our TTF Builder, Tiler & Merchant form below and return to info@ttfactory.com.au
  • Membership is FREE
  • You will receive an acknowledgement email with your loyalty card attached and ready for use

How to use it

  • Quote your promo code on your next order
  • You will also automatically be entered into the draw for the quarter prize pool!

1st Quarterly PRIZE!

Valued at $250
1st Quarterly PRIZE!



* Terms & Conditions

  • Loyalty card – a further 5% off all products is only applicable to the trade sector ie. builders & tilers. Not offered to merchants.
  • Loyalty card – merchants have access to exclusive wholesale prices on approval off application.
  • To be a part of the prize pool, a loyalty purchase must be completed.

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