20 Apr 2023



TTF 2023 Interior Design Trends

What’s installed with TTF for 2023 Interior Design Trends

Tessellated Tile Factory (TTF) is keeping up with 2023 interior design trends and staying on top with what is in, and what is not. Researching several trends and styles that hit the mark all define a common grown, innovation. From Vogue living to multiple social media channels and interior design sites, they all share a common point of design for 2023.

Create your visual space

Visual space can be manipulated from just simple adjustments like colour and lightening. The aim is to create a perfect balance, a ‘Goldilocks zone’ where all designers reach to achieve.

Texture in 2023

Texture is a key ingredient when creating an interior design, especially in 2023. Incorporating texture to walls, floors or ceilings adds depth and dimension to a room.

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