5 Jul 2023



Tessellated Tile Factory (TTF) has expanded into a luscious and visually-rich showroom space in Annandale, NSW, from which it serves customers as far away as South Australia.

The product of over 20 years of hard work by husband and wife team Carmelo and Laura Bagnato, TTF is the kind of tile business that constantly pushes itself both in terms of tile design and customer relationships.

TTF’s main product is a fully vitrified porcelain tile range that provides a catalogue of tessellated designs. Every design is manufactured to order. TTF also offers bespoke decorative tile designs produced in the factory through a screen printing process.

Laura and Carmelo sat down with Tile Today to discuss their business insights, and their unique offering to the tile market.

“Combining vertical integration with a strong sense of what customers want in terms of vibrant design has been core to TTF’s growth”

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