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Renovating or starting a new build? Then here are some ideas to consider in your planning stage. At TTF we have created tessellated mood boards to give ideas and possibilities that you can integrate into your project. The mood boards include colour palette, furniture, fixtures, fittings, home decor and of course your tessellated pattern. Be inspired and let your creative flair grow with these tessellated mood boards. Each mood board centres around a specific tessellated pattern, as each pattern design sets a mood and style.


This mood board is inspired by tessellated pattern ‘Glasgow’ a popular design in black, grey and white which incorporated hand-printed decorative tiles, with a Norwood border. Tessellated tiles are an excellent application to the entrance of your home especially in areas like the veranda or foot path, a luxurious application. The colour palette is a natural earthy tone that can be implemented throughout the home.

The prominent colours for this mood board are the colours terracotta and honey. In the kitchen illustration showcased are the mini collection in ‘terracotta and white’ applied to the kitchen splash back and counter. Applying gold fixtures and neutral home decor into this project helps to define the tile solutions for this mood board. The furniture selected are wooden chairs and white joinery, which really helps to give that fresh airy feel to your living space. Shown in the bathroom illustration is from our craquelle victorian subways in the ‘honey’ colour, a perfect wall application. To finish off the outdoor paver illustrated showcase ‘steel grey’ an excellent application to the exterior of your home.


Tessellated design pattern ‘Annandale’ is a beautiful symmetrical design. Interest us created by reversing the use of colour and introducing decorative tiles within the frame. Paired here with a Windsor border sets the scene perfectly and is mostly added to thhe front exterior of a home. This mood board is an eclectic style and theme where the prominent colours are your deep greens, browns and black. This tessellated pattern is mostly associated with federation or Victorian theme a traditional application.

The home decor showcases a more classic and masculine look from the artwork to leather armchair you can feel a warm and rich vibe to this mood board. Moreover, the bathroom illustration presents white porcelain mosaics as a wall application coupled with black and gold fixtures, a beautiful mix. The kitchen splash back image with the black fixture is from the Amazonia collection in the ‘sapphire’ a perfect tile solution to be applied as they are highly moisture resistant. The outdoor image presents a sophisticated backyard where amazing plants frame this area perfectly, the outdoor pavers presented is called ‘Romastone Argento’


This mood board has a more subdued look and feel. The tessellated design is a ‘checkered’ pattern creating a softer effect to the classic black and white by adding a third medium tone. Shown here with a double strip Norwood border. The colour palette for this mood board is a cool tone with your black/brown, grey and creme. The artwork and home decor are in soft muted colours to continue the soft colour palette throughout the home. Showcased in the living area is a fireplace where there is a tessellated design a perfect application to continue the look and feel from the exterior of the home.

Although the home has a classic look the addition of glass mosaics as a splash back in a kitchen gives a more lux contemporary feel whilst remaining connected to the exterior design. The bathroom illustration showcases from the mini collection in the matt ‘grey’ continues with the muted soft colours. In all the outdoor pavers in this mood board is ‘paradigm light grey’ brining great emphasis to this outdoor style and trend.


This mood board is inspired from the Art Deco movement. Illustrated is a tessellated pattern ‘Killara’ designed with a strong three-dimensional effect and a Bristol border. The Art deco design style emerged in the 1920s and 1930’s and remains popular to this day. Tiling patterns of this style feature bolder colours, contrasting patterns and geometric accents, with mosaics and angular motifs commonly featured.

The architecture during this period had many features like curved roofs and white brick facades as seen on this mood board. The home decor selected is designed with Art Deco theme. As seen shapes play a big part with this style and theme meaning you can integrate this into your projects. The bathroom illustration shows an art deco themed bathroom with the windows showing art deco patterns and white New York subway tiles. The American style subways tiles have the look and feel of the original ones with a double-glazed finish to give you a deep lustre and shine, you have a little piece of history in your home. TTF American style subway tiles replicate the classic look, feel and colour of the retro style that stile remains as a current trend within the market, perfect for commercial and residential projects.


An original Victorian geometric floor design called ‘Balmain’ is a stunning tessellated pattern, reimagined to suit a contemporary setting. This entrancing tessellation is shown here with a Deco border. The intricate geometric pattern really sets the bar on design with this mood board. The colour palette are somber colours that incorporate navy blues, browns, grey and creme.

This modern contemporary mood board showcase a living area that uses blue as a prime colour coupled with red home decor items for a splash of colour. Additionally, the flooring seen in this setting are indoor pavers with a beautiful stone like pattern. In the bathroom the focus illustrates porcelain white mosaics with a black border to frame the flooring space. In addition, the American style subway tiles are applied as a wall application with the added black grout to highlight the brick design. Also seen are subway tiles in the kitchen illustration used as a splash back, a perfect tile solution.

Octagon & Dot

A simple tessellated geometric design that leaves audiences in awe is the octagon and dot. Create a dramatic checkerboard effect by alternating the colour of the octagon. Paired here with a Woodworth border, this tessellated design looks spectacular to the front exterior of the home. This mood board has a warm colour palette from your terracotta/browns, greys, greens and creme. The home decor selected for this mood board has a sophisticated look and feel that brings it altogether.

The kitchen presented has a porcelain marble kitchen bench top and a splash back a perfect application to keep it modern and contemporary. The bathroom illustrated has a decorative tiles applied to the bathroom floor, an excellent focal point for this stunning bathroom. Additionally, American subway tiles have been applied to the bathroom walls with a black grout to enhance the design element. The backyard image showcases a beautiful stone design in the French pattern to the backyard a perfect inclusion.

Australian Vernacular Architecture and Tessellated Tiles

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