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Tiles installed on your floors and walls is one of the most hygienic and eco-friendly solutions when considering finishes within the built environment. Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, there are many requirements that need to be satisfied in the selection of decorative building products. Does it look good? Is it on trend? Is it easy to clean? Is it safe for my family?

Hygiene & sustainability is important especially in a commercial environment. High traffic areas require the use of finishes that are easy to maintain and keep clean. Porcelain, unglazed, or matt finished tiles have a low-maintenance benefit where mopping, sweeping, wiping with water and drying is easily achievable and effective.

The durability of tiles means that they have a long lifecycle and the materials used to make porcelain tiles specifically occur naturally, making it an environmentally friendly building product, a value adding incentive. There are many ways to maintain your tiles and ensure their durability.

Tessellated Tile Factory ‘Hygiene & Sustainability’: Cleaning & Maintenance Tile Tips

TTF Hygiene & Maintenance Tile Advantages

Easy to clean: Wiping tiles with soap and water is a basic requirement to keep it clean, without using harsh chemicals.

Hypoallergenic: Tiles dramatically reduce your exposure to allergens, such as dust or pollen build up, as they are a non-porous surface.

No plastic: Reduce plastic pollution by electing to use building products composed of naturally occurring materials.

Nontoxic: Tiles do not emit any toxic fumes when exposed to high temperatures.

Water resistant: Tiles are more resistant to liquids.

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

If you don’t know, Now you know!

Cleaning & maintenance tips


Tile applications are one of the most sustainable solutions in building and construction. The use of porcelain tiles specifically, ensures lower cooling and heating loads in your home inadvertently saving you on energy costs. The materials used to make porcelain tiles occur naturally, making it an eco-friendly product that is not harmful to the environment.


One of the key features of using tiles is its inherent durability and high resistance to moisture, making it the perfect finish selection for bathrooms and kitchens. However to achieve an even better result a sealer can be applied to tiles to further enhance its water resistance and maintain its durability.

Tessellated Tile Factory provides the best tile solutions and also the best cleaning, treatment and maintenance products. View our range of cleaning solutions available.

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