6 Jul 2023



A prevalent Australian architectural style is the quintessential federation home. These types of dwellings were found predominantly between 1890 to 1915, a time when Australia’s colonies federated to become the Commonwealth of Australia, hence the name ‘Federation’.

What makes a federation home? The key design elements that typically identify Federation architecture are its terracotta roof tiles, gable roofs, red-brick exterior walls, fretwork and ornate timber work. The verandah and pathway are also critical elements at the front of the home, historically finished in tessellated tiles.

When the time comes to restore or renovate your Federation home, few will step away from retaining these key features. The challenge will always be, however, juxtaposing the federation architecture with contemporary finishes. This is where the beauty of tessellated tiles is perfectly placed. With over 70 designs to select from and 20 colours, creating a geometric pattern that will suit your style and stand the test of time, is a certainty.

Today federation homes are used very differently. Fireplaces that once where functioning, are now commonly a design feature in a living area.

The preservation of heritage elements in this Paddington house are exquisitely balanced with soft textures and muted hues to create a timeless, contemporary family home. Central to the design is the effortless blending of the traditional and contemporary, which affords this living space a sense of comfort, elegance and warmth.

This federation style home located in Haberfield, beautifully showcases the impact tessellated tiles have on a footpath and verandah, leading the visitor into the home. This ‘Glasgow’ tessellated tile pattern incorporates a blue grey, black, grey and white colour palette, lifting the exterior of the home in line with its contemporary renovation.

Federation bathrooms always have a tiled floor, walls and a free-standing cast-iron bath still considered a popular bathroom design today. Showcased in the image below is a federation styled bathroom with a checkered tessellated tile pattern. The claw foot freestanding bath also compliments the federation style bathroom, a unique design. The white subway tiles fits in nicely with the bathtub and floor design a classic federation styled bathroom.


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