15 May 2023



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Custom Tile Cutting Solutions

Custom porcelain tile cutting

At Tessellated Tile Factory our level of skill and craftsmanship ensures that we deliver the finest quality work to our customers. As part of our custom porcelain tile cutting service, we create the pattern and cuts tailored to your project with great precision and a high standard of excellence.

Receive a specialised service

Providing quality cutting solutions is our mission. Our team of specialists are involved at every stage of the project to determine the right cuts. We specialise in the cutting of porcelain tiles, with several pattern selections available. Our process ensures your expectations are met at every stage of the process;

  1. Concept stage – Understanding your design and cut requirements
  2. Planning stage – Providing you with a quote and coordinating material supply dates
  3. Production stage – Consulting on cuts as required with rigorous quality control
  4. Delivery stage – Timely delivery of your project

Specialty Cuts


Herringbone tile patter design

The popular herringbone pattern is an arrangement of rectangles laid at 45º angles. You can craft a surface that is both inspiring and authentic, living audiences inspired.

Herringbone tile pattern


Chevron tile pattern

Chevron is an inverted V-shaped pattern where the tiles meet point to point, creating a continuous zigzag. These variations create something new and unique and allow for endless design possibilities.

Chevron tile cut design

Octagon & Dot

Octagon & Dot tile pattern

The traditional octagon & dot pattern can be reimagined in any colourway and texture to create a stunning and unique design. Create this pattern using marble or terrazzo look porcelain tiles to achieve a truly amazing finish.

Octagon & Dot tile pattern

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