17 Jul 2023



Commercial Project

Project Type: Education

Rosebank College engaged Tessellated Tile Factory to assist in the restoration of Rosebank Chapel located at Five Dock. The St.Mary of Angels Chapel is a heritage precinct of the sisters of the Good Samaritan, where a long and joyful process it was to complete the restoration.

Rosebank college required bespoke service to construct the tessellated tile with their school branding for visual merchandise and to design a tessellated design with ‘Pax’ (peace) on the tessellated tile for the Chapel.

The process had been guided by Good Samaritan Sister Elizabeth Brennan stated “The primary pieces are those that will become sacred over the years to come”. Rosebank college required a product that would facilitate a high traffic turn around and to be highly durable.

The restoration process consisted of hand printed encaustic tiles. This project is a prime example of what the Tessellated Tile Factory can achieve when custom and bespoke services are required. The Tessellated design complements the building facade perfectly bringing this heritage masterpiece to life.

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