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SA, Australia

Curated collection embodying Australia’s four seasons with tessellated tile designs

Tessellated tile factory has designed a collection that embraces Australian native seasons to reflect the beauty and wonders of Australian nature that meets our shores through our curated collection. The rich vibrant colours spring and summer brings to our collection really embodies the tropics where beautiful greens, blues and whites resemble Australia’s nature and amazing white sand beaches, all creating a spectacular display of colour.

The collection embodies beautiful muted colours that autumn and winter brings, with brilliant hues of browns, reds and yellows. Australian seasons are known for its red out backs and golden sand beaches, with rustic rural countryside. TTF curated collection introduces tessellated tile patterns with modern porcelain tiles. The beautiful synergy colour and tessellated tiles have together is inspiring, providing endless points of design. The collections range from summer, autumn, winter & spring

Princetown, VIC Australia

Princetown, VIC AUS

Waves Collection

The waves collection presents the beauty of Australian summer with coastal décor colours like shades of blues and yellow representing our amazing aussie beaches and sunny weather . The collection includes modern and classic tile solutions that embrace the coastal wave theme. From Carrara marble to tessellated “Rochester” pattern there is a style to suit your summer vibe.

Light Teal Craquelle Subway

Light teal Craquelle Subway

Carrara Marble

Tessellated Oatmeal

Tessellated Light Blue

Tessellated Blue

Tessellated Rochester

Tessellated Design

Waves tessellated pattern is ‘Rochester’ 3 colour design. This eclectic form uses 3 colours to construct the intricate arrangement. The collection centres around the tesssellated pattern selected for the waves compilation, creating a perfect summer synergy.

Green Valley, NSW Australia

Clay Collection

The clay collection represents the season of autumn in Australia where there are shades of lush browns, oranges, red, ochre and gold. This collection consists of tiles that are modern yet classic with the tessellated “checkered” design brings it altogether with an autumn influence.

Beige 5 – Tile Arena

Beige 4- Tile Arena

Indiana Limestone – Tile Arena

Aggregate ‘White’ – Tile Arena

Dark brown kit kats – Tile Arena

Tessellated checkered

Tessellated Design

Clay tessellated pattern is a checkered pattern that incorporates two colours to create a checkered design with a border called Norwood, which frames the tessellated pattern perfectly. The tiles selected embodies that autumn feeling and vibe through colour and pattern.

Gembrook, VIC AUS

Sage Collection

Sage represents the season of spring in Australia with gorgeous shades of greens and colour it is a period where flowers bloom and grow. The weather shifts into sunny days bringing in new life. The collection consists of green shades that embodies Australian flora.

Celadon 9 – Tile Arena

Celedon 10 – Tile Arena

Mosaic Kit Kats- Tile Arena

Heritage green craquelle subway

Matt Gren – Tile Arena

Tessellated Nottingham

Tessellated Design

The tessellated tile pattern is called Nottingham which uses four colours to create such an intricate pattern. The border that frames the tessellated tile pattern is called Coventry which is a perfect match for this geometric design. The colours selected reflect the vibe and feel of spring.

Mungo, NSW AUS

Rust Collection

The Rust collection embodies Australian winters with earthy darker shades of black, brown and greys, the colour tone reflects the rustic weather of Australian nature. The collection also has textured finishes to give that extra depth to the compilation. From your concrete like designs to your black matt subway styles there is a tile solution to bring out that Australian winter. The tessellated octagon and dot couples perfectly with the collection as it sits beautifully alongside each design.

Aggregate Dark – Tile Arena

Copper – Tile Arena

Mix multicolour- Tile Arena

Esagona – Tile Arena

Black matte subway- Tile Arena

Tessellated octagon & dot

Tessellated Design

Rust tessellated pattern design is called octagon and dot. There are three colours in this design pattern that evokes the rust collection. The border that frames the tessellated pattern is called Deco border, which uses the play of triangles to create this unique pattern.

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