18 Apr 2023



An architectural feature in any Victorian or Federation homes’ living room or bedroom is its fireplace. Retaining these fireplaces during renovation works ensures the homes original character and feel is being acknowledged. Today most Federation or Victorian home owners restore their fireplace for aesthetic purposes only, rather than making it a functional fireplace. To achieve the best result, we’ve outlined a few tips below for consideration;


A Guide To Restoring Fireplaces


1. Assess what requires restoring or replacing.


Restoring your fireplace can be a simple job – ie. replacing a few broken tiles, applying a coat of paint to the mantel – or a more involved project – ie. updating the entire look to align with a greater home renovation. The first decision is made here to determine the scope of restoration.

If you’re restoration is cosmetic and involves just replacing a few damaged tiles, make sure you can source similar ones prior to removing the damaged ones. In most cases, finding an exact match is unlikely, and you will either have to find tiles of a similar style or replace the tiles to the hearth and / or surround with what we have available. This gives you the perfect opportunity to update the look and feel.


2. Assess the fireplace structure


Assess the fireplace structure

If there is visible cracking in the mantel or hearth, this might indicate a more significant structural intervention is required. Seek the advice of a professional (builder) to identify whether there is damage here beyond just normal wear and tear. This will again give you the opportunity to really dive in and make this fireplace your own little design project. Speak with our team and we can guide you through the selection process for a new mantel, hearth and all the elements in between.


3. Hearth



Replacing the hearth can be tedious, but simple planning will ensure the best result. In most cases we can easily remove the existing tiles, and install the new tiles neatly following the fireplace profile. If new flooring is being installed, you will need to consider tile / timber thickness of the overall floor with the stone or tile thickness of the hearth. Another important consideration is whether you want to achieve a flush or proud finish between the hearth and floor. Either way, speak with our team so you’re fully informed.


4. Information we need from you


Information we need from you

Images of your existing fireplace, and measurements of the hearth – that’s it! Bring this detail along and we’ll be more than happy to help.


5. Living room goals….


Living room goals

If you ever thought restoring your fireplace wouldn’t be worth the effort – think again! A little TLC, and you will be surprised how much it lifts the space. We have a range of tile solutions that will truly inspire your fireplace restoration.



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